General Meetings

The General Meeting is the Company’s supreme corporate body. The Articles of Association and the Norwegian Public Limited Liability Companies Act set out the authority and mandate of the General Meeting. Among other things, the General Meeting approves the Company’s annual financial statements, resolves any distribution of profits, within the limits of any proposal of the Board of Directors, elects the Directors and the auditor, and also functions as a forum for presentation and discussion of other issues of general interest to shareholders. All shareholders of the Company have the right to attend the General Meetings.

The date of the Ordinary General Meeting is published in the Company’s financial calendar for the year, which is posted at the Company’s website. Notice of General Meetings, including documentation relating to the items on the agenda and the recommendation of the Company’s nomination committee, is in accordance with the Articles of Association published at the Company’s website no later than 21 days before the General Meeting is to be held. Individual shareholders are nonetheless entitled to have the documents sent to them free of charge, upon request to the Company. The General Meetings of the Company may be held in Arendal, Oslo or Bærum.

Attendance forms for the General Meeting may be sent to the Company up to the day before such General Meeting in order to enable as many shareholders as possible to attend. Shareholders who are unable to attend in person may attend by proxy, and the Company provides the shareholders with proxy forms which enable the relevant shareholder to instruct its representative on each individual item on the agenda. The shareholders may decide between granting proxy to a representative of own choice, or to the Company’s Chairperson. Shareholders can also choose to vote directly on the specific items on the agenda through electronic voting in advance of the General Meeting during a pre-meeting registration period.

The minutes from the General Meeting are published on the Company’s website as soon as possible following the General Meeting.