Corporate governance

As a basis for its conduct of corporate governance, the Company uses the national Norwegian code of practice for corporate governance, as prepared by a working group consisting of representatives of the major organizations involved, owners, issuers and the stock exchange.

Corporate governance in Magnora

As a listed company on the Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs), the Company aims at conducting its business in accordance with the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance of 18 October 2018 (the “Code of Practice”).

The Company shall be operated on the basis of principles which seek to ensure openness, integrity and equal treatment of its shareholders. By practicing good corporate governance, the Company aims at securing appropriate division of roles between shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Senior Management, thereby contributing to reduced business risk and better shareholder value over time. The Board of Directors and the Senior Management annually evaluate the principles on corporate governance and how they are implemented
in the Group.

The Company is committed to high ethical standards in its business dealings to ensure that the integrity of its employees and the organization is maintained. Corporate social responsibility for the Company is an extension of the way the Company conducts its business and is described in the Code of Conduct.

PDF – Code of conduct Magnora ASA